Installation problems

I’m having troubles with the installation of Dynamo. It’s very confusing.
I have Revit 2018.3 installed. Then I installed the open source Dynamo version to be able to use it with Revit. But when I open Dynamo from Revit there are no standard nodes in the left tab. Just a blank space.
After that I installed Dynamo studio. Maybe that would solve the problem. But Dynamo studio will not even open. It just says that the program has stopped working and a “OK”-button.
The only thing that works properly is if I open DynamoSandbox.
There are no Pnidmodeler folder. I have checked.
The versions between Dynamosandbox version and Revit->Dynamo version is the same.
Any tips what I should do to make it work?

Hi @Henkac

Try updating to Revit 2018.3.2. It has many fixes involved. If that doesn’t help then it might be other plugins conflict.