Dynamo Revit + Studio Install issues....again

Seems like every time I try to install Dynamo, huge problems occur.

I recently switched computers from a desktop to a laptop at work. Full install of everything but then we forgot about Dynamo Studio. Dynamo Revit 1.2.1 and Dynamo Studio 1.2.1 So like usual, I downloaded it from the autodesk subscription manager login page instead of the .org website.

All the folders (AppData, Roaming, etc…) appear to be there and normal.

Now things just got weird, as I began typing this, Dynamo for Revit 2016 at least had a button in the Add-Ins tab. I closed it and reopened and now its gone. I’m downloading 1.2 to this computer and will try a new install.

Still the same issue. (D4R) It’ll “load” but not open.

Dynamo Studio opens just fine.

I’ll look into this and post what I find is the issue.

EDIT: Not sure what I did differently, but after a complete gut & shut (delete folders and uninstall) it seemed to work fine now after installing it D4R first, then Studio.