Inquiry whether Dynamo both 1.3.4 and 2.0.4 can be installed and used


If I install Dynamo 1.3.4 and 2.0.4 at the same time, when I run Dynamo on Revit 2019.2.2, Revit crashes. Installing either one solves the problem, can’t I install both versions at the same time?
For reference, there was no problem when installing both 1.3.4 and 2.0.3.

You should be able to have both installed and they not crash revit, as i am running both and dont crash though i generally only utilise dynamo 2.0.4 not dynamo 1.3.4.

Image to see i have both:

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Should t be an issue.

Restart the cpu, open Revit, and attempt to launch Dynamo on the crashing system. Then post the Revit journal and Dynamo log from that system.

This is something ADSK Support can help with directly so feel free to start a Support ticket by the usual means if you’re not sure how to do that or uncomfortable posting those files to the forum.

Dynamo Forum new user cannot upload any files.
Is there any other way to post the files?

Google drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, Bix, wetransfer, etc.

Revit journal and Dynamo log can be downloaded in the following.

Try disabling the add-in “Bhks.RevitToIso” which is throwing quite a few errors in this journal, and try again.