Dynamo 2.0.3 in revit 2019 and 2.3.0 in revit 2020 problem

Hi everyone,

I have a problem. Currently I’m using Revit 2019 with Dynamo 2.0.3. I want to upgrade revit version to 2020 or 2021 version. When I install Revit 2020, it install dynamo 2.3.0 automaticcaly.
I try to open a project with revit 2020 and I try to use dynamo 2.3.0.
If I want to use revit 2019 when I try to open dynamo it give me an error about opening, and when I delete from appdata-roaming-dynamo-dynamorevit the 2.3.0 folder it run correctly in revit 2019.

I don’t understand what is the problem. Why I can’t use two version of dynamo?


This is the error that I show:

I can’t speak specifically about Dynamo 2.0.3. I am using version 2.0.2 with 2019 and 2.3.0 with 2020 and both run fine. You can check your installed programs and make sure that no older versions of Dynamo Revit and Dynamo Core are installed. I did have some users with a similar issue that you are having and the cause was an old version of Dynamo was installed. That happened when our IT department installed a 2019 update that ended up reinstalling Dynamo version 1.3.4 back onto the computers. So uninstalling that and reinstalling 2.0.2 fixed the issue.
Hope this helps!

I have the 1.3.4 version installed in my PC. I’ll try to uninstall it and try to use both version.
Thanks for your support.

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