Importing point from Navisworks to Revit


I`m trying to use the coordinates of clashes from a clash report extracted from Navisworks, to create points in these locations in Revit.
I managed to bring the points in the right location (X,Y) thanks to Gavin on youtube.
The problem is the points when I create them in dynamo, it appears in the wrong elevation, please see snip below.

As the image shows, the points comes around 4700mm above where it was supposed. So the simple solution would be just subtract this value from the Z values on Dynamo, but I want to have a script to run on others project without having to check this all the time.

On Dynamo the Z values looks right all between 27130 (Ceiling Level) and 27990 (Roof Level).


Does anyone knows why are these point being created at the wrong elevation?

I’m going to guess that your Naviswork we’re exported using Shared Coordinated.
Dynamo uses the Project Base Point.

You will need to use the 2 values and translate the points using the differnece

Hi Daniel,

My base point Z is 0.300.
I cant find a relation between this Z=0.3 and the 4700 elevation difference on the point

Dynamo uses the internal origin, or hard coded 0,0,0 mark for all relative locations. This point can be exposed in 2020.2 and beyond in the Visibility Graphics settings for a given view or template.

@Fernandocjr see what the location of your internal origin and shared coordinates are to the original file. Get the location of the shared coordinates with the respective nodes, and build a vector from those points to the internal origin. You can then move all points by that vector and see if they start showing in the right spot.


Hi Jacob,

Thank you, that worked.
I just dont understand why the base point on the the GeniusLoci package display a different base point than the Coordinates.BasePoint node.


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The 2 nodes return the same result but with 2 differents coordinate systems :

The Get Project Location node uses the Survey Coordinate System and not the Internal Origin Coordinate System.