Inconsistency between the Revit model and the Dynamo coordinates

Hello, all.

I have a Revit model which has several Columns and these were created based on the real surveying data.

As you can see here, the one vertice of the column has 11126.988mm values (x point).

However, when I select this column and extract the vertice points from this column in Dynamo, the x point (-23011 or -23661mm) doesn’t match at all.

Does anyone know the cause of the problem?

Dynamo takes the zero point of the model, no shared coordinates, no project base point only pure zero.
You can find the real zero point in your model like this:


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there are a number of posts on this forum about converting internal (Dynamo) coordinates into shared coordinates.

The important thing to remember is that shared coordinates are really just a translation applied to the entire model. It is a bit easier since you just have a N/S translation, not a rotation as welll

Try this:


Try the :snowflake:_Convert Dynamo XYZ to Revit Coordinate XYZ node in the Sastrugi Package.



Thank you for comments!
I’ve downloaded the Sastrugi package and it contains the similar contents above.
:snowflake:_Convert Dynamo XYZ to Revit Coordinate XYZ node’ worked!

Thank you so much!