Revit and Naviswork Coordination System

Hi All, I am writing a dynamo script to import clash spheres into Revit model based on the clash report (XML file) created from Naviswork. However, I found that the clash sphere is not located in the correct position.

In the Revit model, the project base point, survey point and internal origin are located in the same position.
At the beginning, I generate the .nwc file in Revit by Shared Coordinate. The clash spheres are located far away as mentioned above.
After that, I try to generate the .nwc file in Revit by Internal Coordinate instead. The location of clash spheres are correct.

Is anyone know what is the problem?
Thanks a lot.

Dynamo uses the internal origin as 0,0,0, so you need to adjust the coordinate system to align by checking both the difference of the internal origins N/S and E/W value and the true north rotation.

I do this type of workflow in this video (noting the genius loci node has changed a bit so youll need to collect the inputs differently at the start):

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Hi Gavin, thanks for your advice. It helps me solve my problem!

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