Importing Geometry from a DWG file

Hi all , Exploring Dynamo we iniitally started our new challenge of Importing DWG files into Dynamo . As we are following support as like in this link Importing Geometry | The Dynamo Primer ( , but this code only available for Dynamo Studio as i know it was discontinued by Autodesk .

So anyone can share the following nodes how to Import DWG file in Dynamo, Thanks !

Thanks ,

I recommend switching to Dynamo for Civil 3D, as this will give you direct DWG interaction, in a much more robust setup than what was available with Dynamo Studio.

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Hallo Jacob ,

Thanks for your recommendation , Finally we have found the correct Script but facing problem with nodes .

Could you also tell me how to solve this Unresolved Node ?

Thanks !

Not sure which node you have unresolved - you should just have to download the correct package version to fix it though.