Importing .dwg in dynamo

Hello! I am trying to import a .dwg file in dynamo but am not able to do it. This is what i have got so far

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Please do not double-post questions. You already asked it here a few minutes ago:

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Hi @lasse …try something here…

@leonard.moelders you are right didnt see that…

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Sorry, thought its own thread would be better since i jumped on another one :slight_smile:

In this case just ask the admins like @jacob.small to move it to a new topic. They can then also create a link between the two posts, so that other people can follow it to this thread. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Doing something like this but i cant seem to see the imported object in the 3d view. Only in the regular view and its like locked?


Stop double-posting the same question in different topics. Link your topic/question instead.

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Note: Revit’s best practice is not to linked/imported CAD files to multiple views, especially 3D views. CAD file is automatically locked/PIN by Revit.
Tip: You can hover over your mouse to the input portion to know how to use the node