Dynamo Studio - DWG Import Into Revit

Just looking to see if anyone has any experience with Dynamo Studio, and using it to import DWGs into a Revit project.

Are you only able to import geometry into the project, or are data values also transferred? I’d like to be able to transfer the data from the DWG into Revit Parameters along with the geometry. I just don’t know definitively if Dynamo Studio will do this or if it will just input a single dummy “solid block” into the Project.

Dynamo Studio has no way to drive Revit so I am afraid this isn’t an option.

As an alternative look into the LinkDWG package, Civil Connector, the Data.Remember node in Refinery and Dynamo for Civil3D, or even just the DataExtraction command in AutoCAD.


It mentioned here that only Dynamo Studio was able to import a DWG. LinkDWG had slipped my mind.

Thank you!

If you have access to civil 3d and dynamo for civils 3d then you could use the following as a possible way to do what you are after.

This basically grabs the elements and associated data from civil 3d then outputs it as a JSON structured file. Then dynamo for revit and revit will open the JSON file and create the relevant revit families with data into relevant parameters :slight_smile:.

Nice share Brendon!

This is similar to the Refinery solution I noted above but uses the external file instead of the dyn.

One thing to note in all options is the location of the origin in the two files (CAD and Revit).