Hi, Im Trying to create families by instance by coordinates, I am exporting the report of clash detective points from Navisworks to xml. then I imported the xml file to excel. Then I read the excel in Dynamo and use 29th, 30th, 31th, columns ( coordinates x , y ,z ) I used those coordinates to create the families,
The problem: i think there is a problem with units because the families are created in other position. Maybe is taking the project base point instead survey point

ACC_Atenuadores _ Especialidades_REV 1.xlsx (55.3 KB) NavistoRevit_Clashes_Excel_Dyn2.0.dyn (79.0 KB)

Sounds like an internal origin vs project coordinates issue - can you confirm that a clash at 0,0,0 brought into the Navisworks file has the correct location?

image is your friend

There are several posts (some by me) on this forum on this exact topic.
A possible cause is the setting you used when you exported from Revit–>Navisworks initially

Follow Jacob’s suggestion- that will establish if coordinates are the issue
(but not units: 0",0",0" is the same place as 0mm, 0mm, 0mm)