Importing dynamo results into revit

Hello. I have a question T.T

First is dynamo results and i want to import this into revit
but, second is result…
I want to change size of this… help me… T.T

since i’m a new user, i cannot upload several images…

Family instance by geometry might work. Massing could do the trick. No way to tell without a screenshot of the graph.

Scaling might be easiest to do at an earlier stage. Or this stage. Again, no way to know without seeing what you have done.

Upload the graph as an image or post it to a file share.

Looks like a units issue

Hi @kny41

In your screenshot above could you describe more from where you got that geometry?

As @JacobSmall said you need to scale before you import in to Revit. Make sure scaling range matches your project units.

Thank you guys!
Here is my scripts

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and I used Importinstance.ByGeometry function when i imported dynamo into Revit.