Imported Geometry (.obj) to DirectShape

Hi there,
I’m currently trying to import geometries which are mostly industrial equipment and want to perform allocation operations to them in dynamo. First I need to convert this .obj/.ifc./.stl files to mesh or whatever is suitable to perform operations in Dynamo.
Then I want to be able to simplify these geometries by a boolean operation as showing them either as the actual geometry (1)or as a box (2) like pictured below.

I used Mesh toolkit to import the geometry and found a node to make a cuboid from that, but couldn’t understand the low point-high point thing? Should I remap the points in order to get these values? And then ı will create an if condition.

How can I do this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

*Model is from 3dwarehouse by Nachos S.
Manufacturing Equipment from 3d Warehouse

Hi @JJUlkins

Check out springs.meshtopolysurface custom node from springs package.