Noob - Excel Import question

I’m a Dynamo noob, and have both a ‘general best practices’ question and a technical issue with my first DYN file.

I am attempting to use Excel as the ‘middle man’ for renumbering and renaming sheets in Revit. I have successfully exported an XLS with Dynamo, it generates 3 columns: ElementID, Sheet Number, Sheet Name

I am having difficulty getting Dynamo to Import and overwrite the Sheet Number and Sheet Name data.

Questions: Is it necessary for me to even use the Element ID to ‘match’ the correct Sheet Element ID? Or should I just hope the ‘list of sheets’ doesnt change while use only list process for the other 2 columns? What is the ‘best practice’ here? How is it that Dynamo knows that the order (and quantity) has remained the same between the export, (then data manipulation), then Import?

I’m experiencing an error with running my import script, and it does not update the Sheet Names nor Sheet Numbers in the Revit model. Could somebody tell me what settings are incorrect? (see image)

Thank you!


Good to go you are just missing node called all elements of category. Feed your sheet into it and the out to the set parameter by value. Also make sure that your list matches their numbers

To be safe, you should probably uses the Element IDs to sort/filter your sheet elements so that everything lines up with your Excel data.

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Thanks guys. @4bimfercesp, that was the key! It works now.

@Nick_Boyts , do you know of any DYNs I could review to see that ‘filtering’?

No probs just mark it solved if you had your solution.

I use If Equal Return Index a lot for things like this. You can use this node to check your Excel IDs against all sheet IDs and get the indices that match. The indices will be in the order of your Excel spreadsheet so you can use Get Item at Index to get the Sheets from your project and manipulate their parameters from there.