Cannot import from excel


I am a complete beginner with Dynamo and have fallen at the first hurdle… I am trying to import some coordinates from excel, but keep getting an error when I try to run the Data.ImportExcel node. I have tried moving the file location, shortening the file path, repairing MS office and reinstalling Revit with no success - can anyone see if I am missing something?


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Did you check the SheetName for spelling errors?
Or click the sheet name in Excel and copy it, then paste the name in your codeblock.


Thanks Marcel :slight_smile: ,

I have tried that with no luck, have also tried with a new spreadsheet importing from “Sheet1” with no luck.

Hi eddie…can you export ?

HI Sovitek, exporting doesn’t seem to work either, I get the same error:

then it sounds of the good old excel issue…try to search here many have and had the same issue…