Import / Export Revit - Excel

Hi everybody !

I want to export data to excel, modify and import to REVIT with dynamo. But my script does’nt work.
Here are the screens of my work.

Can you help me ? :smiley:



Which package is your node “Id to Element” from? It might be that this is not updated for Dynamo 2.x…

And how is one of your Id’s not a number? :slight_smile: Just a few things to look at, alternatively try copying out the content of the Id to element node to your main canvas and look at the errors being displayed :slight_smile:

You can post it here if you wish :slight_smile:

What is the error at the Set Parameter node?
Hover your mouse on the yellow bubble on top of the node.

No elements are passed, only “nulls” so guess it cannot set a value to a parameter to no elements :wink:

Not with that attitude lol…
Seems strange that it wouldn’t error at the “Id to Element”

My guess is the node is throwing nulls as an try/except python clause which is not an error but rather a way to deal with errors, thus not resulting in a yellow custom node…
But that is in fact just my humble guess :grin:

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Hi there I generated a Wall Schedule from a script and exported it to Excel then I proceeded to edited the excel file and want to import it back to Revit, I am currently stuck with importing excel to Revit

here is my trial script, how will it be updated in Revit

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