Reading the data from excel file based on the index

I want to get the index numbers of the list which is imported from excel file associated with the selected Revit elements using Dynamo.
Regarding to this reading data from the excel, I have another problem that keeps occurring. The parameters’ order in Excel must be in order with the select Revit element models in a dynamo, otherwise if I change the amount of offsets for one of the element. For example if the first row in my excel file is wall and I change the top-offset for the wall, if the first Revit selected model element in dynamo is window, the top offset of window is changing. How can I fix it.

I already use the flatten node.

Any Thoughts?
I deeply appreciated


I would recoment a unique identifer as Revit ID:

Implement it to your .xls … at least you can track if something goes wrong.



You mean adding the element ID to the excel file instead of the element or object type?

in addition i mean. there is revitID and UniqueRevitID. KR Andreas

Thanks! but my problem is in the order of the element, when I want to change one of the offset from excel if it is not in order of selected element the other element will be changed. How can I solve this?