Ignore face based voids in Node "Element.geometry"

ignore face based voids in Node “Element.geometry”

my wall has several sockets (face based family) With voids, so this node gives me error,how do I ignore those to get this node working properly.

I don’t think you will get any assistance unless you show us what you have already done and what it is you wish to achieve, it sound on your post that we should already know what this is concerning and unfortunately we do not. Maybe try reading this and adjust your post accordingly:


I have two precast walls shell 1 & 2. Shell 2 doesn’t have any face based elements attached hence no problem selecting it. shell 1 has faced based families on it (sockets,lifter)…so dynamo gives me an error when I select the wall.

the other one

it says the value is none

so what I want to do is…duplicate the wall in its place …select and delete the face based elements…run the script… get the centroid…and delete the duplicated wall

I recently saw a nice suggestion for a similar problem in this topic:

You can select all these sockets and temporary move them to another phase with Dynamo.

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Post a sample .dyn so we can review. That should work unless something weird is happening.

Centroid.dyn (8.7 KB)

the DYN is fine. Send a simplified version of your Revit model - just the two elements you are looking to select - one which works and one which fails - should be fine.

The actual model are at work and i cant send them…ive tried models at home and they work perfectly

I still think that duplicating the element in its place is the best method…however the spring nodes pack does not have copy element node…and the copy by vector of clockworks pack move the element which would change the centroid location.

Dynamo completely ignores phases…or am i doing something wrong???

Not sure if this is what you’re after, but Clockwork’s Element.Geometry+ node has a setting to ignore any inserts when returning the element geometry. This would, of course, also remove any openings from doors and windows.

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yes but only halfway…i need to retain openings…but exclude face based void family

Theres only 1 family that needs excluding…he sockets

Maybe you can use the size of the voids to exclude/include?

This one i made at home…COG Practice.rvt (1.6 MB)