Geometries have failed

Does anyone know why this error is happening?

@kdalcero93TYA ,

i know that issue … could be it can`t be generated

try Element.Solids

by the way if want to see color you have to hide the geometry node :wink:



The erro continues when I use Element.Solids…

@kdalcero93TYA ,

I know you can just filter out them

In this part the node appears null

@kdalcero93TYA ,

The objective is to identify only walls with heights and lengths smaller than 50 cm. I want all the walls to be gray and only those less than 50 cm to be red.


@kdalcero93TYA ,

try this…

color.dyn (29.0 KB)


Not all walls have geometry (ie: curtain wall), and not all geometry is valid (ie: a wall which has all of it’s geometry cut away by other geometry).

You could find walls which fall into the segmentations you listed by parameters (Unconnected Height parameter is a good place to start), or for complex geometry/builds by their BoundingBox (Element.BoundingBox > BoundingBox.MinPoint and BoundingBox.MaxPoint > Vector.ByTwoPoints > Vector.Z).

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Hi @kdalcero93TYA

  1. Sort out null volume walls (using revit parameter).
  2. Try Solid union errors - INCONS_FACE -- inconsistent face-body relationships and FACE_BOUNDARY -- wire being deleted crosses face boundary - #3 by Howie
    remember to switch project units back!
  3. Sometimes you can get faces(but not solids) with Element.OcSolid, OcSolid.OcFace and convert them to Dynamo surfaces with OcFace.ToDynamoType (Orchid package).