IFC import appearing as mesh, can I change that to a smooth solid

I import a IFC file into revit but it’s appearing as mesh

I guess that’s the result of penetrations in the elements, is there any way I can fix this problem?

Because if I don’t have penetrations, it shows perfectly.

The geometry type with holes is mesh, whereas the one shows perfectly is solid.

how did you fixed it?

No, I didn’t fix that one yet.

The second pic is the one without holes; if I have holes in the panels, it’s gonna be the first pic.

I am trying to use Dynamo to capture the geometry for the panels with penetration and remodel it in Revit, but it’s kind of involved…

I guess it’s an IFC 2x3 export. Try IFC 4 Reference View if possible. Could work but dont think so

Circles are always a bad idea in IFC. Why not set some geometry on top of your solid. Precise at middle from circle (solid). Use that extra Geometry to finde middle of circle. Use Dynamo and set new zylinder to that position and substract. So you get a clean geometry

IDK if its still an issue but you have to uncheck show edges in the Graphic Display Options.