Dynamo solids into ifc

Hey there,

I was creating some geometry in Revit via sweeped profiles. Unfortunately I am not able to export this geometry to ifc. There is always a failure coming up that these solids can not be exported to ifc.
Does there anyone know how to get around this?

Thank you for your help!

Could be a limitation of IFC.
Could be how you build the Revit objects.
Could be a limitation of the exporter.
Could be something as silly as a bad setting.

We’d need the graph and/or associated files in order to help.

It’s in English

Looking at the title of this post i was wondering what geometry you have Revit or Dynamo

Thanks for the IFC handbook.

I created some railtracks over 5km length (sleepers and rail) … The file was obviously too large. With a shorter test track it was running. Don’t really know how this is working for this project now ^^

Thanks for your help