Split solid from IFC imported geometry



Im trying to split a solid geometry from an IFC imported file. What Im trying to do is split the mass(where the building plot is) from the solid. What I want is to have two seperated solids, so that I can get the volume off the mass that has to be extruded from the plot.


Hi @hjoranger

Try using Geometry.Explode node.


This looks familiar?.. :wink: You will have to provide some more info. ie How are the building plot represented in the Revit model? You want to divide the solid in Inside/Outside the boundary line? No height dependiency on how much will be excavated etc?

What have you done so far yourself?


Okay, so basically what we want to do is divide the solid from inside of the boundary line. That way we will have two solid forms, one of the ground and one of the excavated ground. Both the building plot geometry and the ground is generic models. I am oh such a noob when it comes to dynamo. So any help and tips is much appreciated!


They are both mesh!