Direct Shape when importing IFC file

Hi guys, I imported a IFC file into Revit, but Revit seems not see imported element as a real revit element but just a direct shape. I’ve tried many way to change from direct shape to element in Revit but I got exhausted. I want them to be real Revit element to be easily managed and used in automation in Dynamo, thanks guys. Could you guys help me with this?

You can get a DirectShape’s geometry in Dynamo. Perhaps if it’s prismatic, it could be turned into a regular Family. The geometry can definitely be turned into another DirectShape.

There isn’t a software package or method which truest accomplishes this workflow that I have seen. There are a few approximations, but they will never truly be Revit elements as the IFC to Revit workflow isn’t intended for additional modeling efforts. Likely you’re best bet is to look at other methods of data translation.