I would like to place switch on face of each Mechanical Equipment (FCU unit) in my project

Hi guys, thank you for your amazing support in growing this community. I am new to Dynamo and I am struggling to get this script right. Please help me with the following:

I am trying to place switches to my FCU mechanical units by selecting all. Two difficulties I am facing: [script screenshot attached]

  1. The switch is getting placed on the bottom of the FCU with the face upside down. The switch is suppose to get hosted by the FCU.

  2. Later, when I am trying to change the workplane to a new one, it does not allow me to do so. [screenshot attached]

Please help me in getting at least proper placement of switch.

Hi there. Is your switch family is face based?

I think currently you’re using wrong node for placing family instances. Try Familyinstance.ByFace. Then family will get proper host.

Second thing. If you want to control to which face you want to host switch, you’ll have to get element.faces from mech equipment, and then filter out needed face for each element

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Hello @sam_robert_luis and welcome :wink: yeah sounds you need family.instance.byface here OOTB with reference or try spring node there dont need reference…

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Hi @sam_robert_luis im not in dyn in the moment, but here is some exemples

here with nodes…and be sure your family is facebased

Home.dyn (57.9 KB)

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