Don´t understand FamilyInstance by Face

Hi, Thanks in advance for reading this. I’m new to Dynamo and I´m struggling with something that should be so easy but I can’t find the solution. I’ve sought many of the questions here related to familyinstance by face topics but for one or another reason, the solution doesn´t seem to solve my problem, which is the next.

I created a simple “Generic Model Face Based” family. It’s as simple as just a squared extrusion that represents a steel plate. I want to place this family in all the W beams in my model just in the center of the element always in one face. Find attached the example of what ridiculously easy is when it comes to a “FamilyInstance by point” Node. However, I cannot use this node because the families are set in the coordinate z=0 of the revit model and no in the top face of the beam, even when the z coordinate is the coordinate of the line. I want to place this steel plate family in any face of any shaped beam or column. I don’t have problems extracting or getting all the faces from the element, also I can select exactly which face I want to place my family in, but at the moment of place the family there is always something that doesn’t let me do it. I tried 3 different ways that I saw and nothing works. Please help. This will save me a lot of time.

Hi @rafaelPD66Z ,

First of all welcome to the Dynamo Forum!
Could you maybe share your .dyn file and a corresponding Revit file? This way we can test your script and maybe find out why it isn’t working and a way to make it work :slight_smile:

Hi @rafaelPD66Z !
The face as to be the original face of a revit element.

I tried but apparently new user can’t upload attachements :disappointed_relieved:

I think I understand that. So basically what I’m doing wrong is that I am creating a surface in dynamo and trying to place my family there? I so, what node should I use for that. Thanks for trying to helping without having a file I can send.

You can seelct faces with Select.Faces (manually) or with Element.Faces and then filtering them, depends of how your graph is made.