Placing a face based family next to a door

Hello everybody!!! I am trying to place an electrical fixture, face based next to a door. Unfortunately the OOTB familyinstance node is giving an error and the spring node “FamilyInstance.ByFaceAndPoint” is outputing a null value. I would appreciate your help!!!
Ps: The original graph was created here
Switches_by_face doors link room.dyn (115.6 KB)

Hi ….could you upload the facebased family you try to insert …thanks

Afb. Krone. + Afb. Kor. + Stikk…rfa (2.7 MB)

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Hi @vc98BY9 …something like this here should work for your facebased families…good luck

Update…Switches doors link room face based.dyn (142.5 KB)

Thank you very much @sovitek. You helped me a lot. Also thank you for your videos on Youtube, those are similar useful and insightful!

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