Placing a face based family next to a door

Hello everybody!!! I am trying to place an electrical fixture, face based next to a door. Unfortunately the OOTB familyinstance node is giving an error and the spring node “FamilyInstance.ByFaceAndPoint” is outputing a null value. I would appreciate your help!!!
Ps: The original graph was created here
Switches_by_face doors link room.dyn (115.6 KB)

Hi ….could you upload the facebased family you try to insert …thanks

Afb. Krone. + Afb. Kor. + Stikk…rfa (2.7 MB)

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Hi @vc98BY9 …something like this here should work for your facebased families…good luck

Update…Switches doors link room face based.dyn (142.5 KB)

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Thank you very much @sovitek. You helped me a lot. Also thank you for your videos on Youtube, those are similar useful and insightful!

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Hello sovitek,

First I want to thank you for your amazing script. It helps a lot.
Second, after trying out your script on my project it wont work. Tried to look for a solution but as i’m a newbie and don’t understand a lot with Geometry in Dynamo I couldn’t figure it out.
Could you please help me? Thank you

Hello @cesar …could you upload your graph what you already had tried and i will take a look;)

I haven’t touched the graph much, but from what I see in the 3D preview is that the script doesn’t pick the wall as reference so the node Geometry.DoesIntersect gives an empty list as output.

Try to stay in planview when run, because i use doors symbolic lines in that case, for find side and swing…

Could the reason be that I use custom doors family instead of default revit ones?

probably…could you share a little snap of the rvt you working on

Sure, here is a wetransfer link (500mb) with the electrical fixtures rvt and the architecture rvt as revit link

500 mb ! did you purge the files before upload ? but thanks i take a look later today…

Sorry forgot about that, I changed the link with a smaller size files on my previous post.
Thank you

Hello…find a very old one here, but could work on your model…good luck :wink:

Uploading: Switches doors link room face based 2022_2022-06-03_05-44-14.png…

Hello, may I ask you what version Dynamo for Revit you are using, and if the packages are up to date cause for me it still won’t work. Geometry intersiction gets me an empty list everytime. I am using Dynamo 2.12 Core and Revit and for the packages first i installed older vesions used in your script at that time and then installed the latest version, same result

Hello …are you sure you do as here…

Yes exactly as in your video from your youtube channel, first linked model, than door and finally the room.
I also have an python migration error notification telling me that certain nodes use Python2 engine instead using the newer Python3. That’s why I asked about the versions

are you in 2023 i havent tried on that version ?? but if that the case you will need to download python 2.7 separately

I am in 2022, using the Dynamo addin in revit and using these Packages as shown in the picture below as well as the notifications i get when running the script