I don't manage to get a list of Type parameters


I made a small file according to the following instructions and it works just like it should for one input not in a list:

I have quite a few of these so I thought I’d try to get a list according to the following post:

But my output is just the Manufacturer for the first selected item, description for the next and radius for the third. This instead of getting these parameters for all selected objects:

Does someone see where I fail or is the Type parameter option something that causes problems?

“Element.Get.Parameter…” needs an element as input, not a list of types:

I think that the issue lies not with the element input, nor the parameter name input, but from the list management. Change your lacing to “cross product” instead of shortest for the Element.GetParameterValueByName node, and maintain the rest of the graph as it was originally done and you should get the intended results.

Lacing is a difficult process to understand for non-programers. I recommend you look at the Dynamo Primer for a good explanation:



Thanks! I’ll try to return to this in the weekend or early next week. Got some sudden work-overflow.

I’ll see if I can get it to work with these instructions and then I’ll update the thread.


Thanks! It was as simple as this:

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