Get Element Parameters Not Working


I’m trying to combine a series of parameter values for Door numbering, and have encountered a problem.
Door Combine Mark.dyn (36.0 KB)

When I run the Dynamo file attached it turns some of the parameter values as “Element-Element-F002-Element”. Where they should read for example, W-00-F002-01.

Any help will be appreciated.

Two things would help. First, can you show some of the GetParameterValue outputs? It would help to see the intermediate step. Second, can you screenshot a sample door family to show these parameters? Are all of them instance parameters, or are some of them type parameters? Are they strings, or are some integers/doubles/etc.

Reference below. I threw a junk parameter in so you could see the effect when a parameter does not exist, and if the parameter is not filled out.

Can you confirm the doors have valid values coming from the GetParameterValueByName nodes? Perhaps they are Revit Elements not strings (ie: as may be created via a schedule key ) and you need additional steps to get to the values, or go about this in another way.

I made, shown below, new parameters for what i’m trying to combine, and then used key schedules to be able to create a range of values for those parameters.

And below is 3 of 4 get parameter values returning all as “Element”.

Ah. Then this is as intended. You are surfacing the Key element which you associated to the parameter, not the value. Could be as simple as pulling the parameters from these elements, but I don’t have a model to test woth so I don’t know.

Can you post an RVT with maybe 3 doors in one wall, values applied an nothing else in it?

How can I take the parameter value any other way than element.getparametervaluebyname?

Same issue occurs in separate rvt.

Looks like I’ve sorted it.