Get Type Parameter Not Working

I am working with Revit 2018 using Dynamo version (i.e current version) & for some reason the “Get Type Parameter” node is not working. I have created a simple model with Revit structural framing members & when I try using the node, the list shows only NULL values. I have also tried the “Element.GetParameterValueByName” nodebut this displays no values at all. The node is reading the elements as it shows the correct number of members in the list.
Has anyone else had this issue & discovered a solution?

Hi @andy.payton

Use the “Element.Type” node in between all Elements of Category and Element.GetParameterByName.



Thanks Marcel_Rijsmus, this worked fine but I still can not make the “Get Type Parameter” node to show the values. Any Ideas?

Have you solved this yet? :slight_smile:

After getting the Element.Type node you can use ElementGetParameterValueByName node to get to the values in the family.

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