I cant get X,Y,Z points from excel to Revit, Navisworks Clash points

I am trying to have an arrow show up at each clash point imported from a navis works excel report, and for some reason my Point.ByCoordinates node always gives me this error: Warning: One or more of the input types are not matching. Couldn’t find a version of ByCoordinates that takes arguments of type (__array,__array,__array). I have tried all kind of different approaches for grabbing the x,y,z coordinates from excel but I can not seem to figure out what the problem is. I need dynamo to know that each point in the list is a coordinate and not try to use the whole list at once. Clash Detection Workspace5.dyn (35.1 KB)

Hi @scrowe

Use List.RestItem node after l1,l2,l3 code block and String.ToNumber node before feeding Point.ByCoordinates (x,y,z).

Thanks!That almost worked, I now have points, but I am now getting an error at the String.ToNumber node:
Warning: String.ToNumber operation failed.
Not a valid number.
Parameter name: strClash Detection Workspace6.dyn (1.5 MB)

@scrowe Could you drop excel file here.

Oh, yes sorry, that would help.
Navis to Revit.xlsx (29.6 KB)

@scrowe You where having nulls in your lists, I have cleaned them. Try this file Clash Detection Workspace (For Sarah).dyn (41.3 KB)

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Thanks so much! That worked! I really appreciate the help! Now my only problem is that my building is located at a different point in Navisworks than it is in Revit so my points dont line up. I realize this is not a Dynamo question, but do you have any advice on how to make sure they always line up?

You’re welcome! Please mark the post as solved.

For your other queries please start a new thread.