How to use roof by extrusion OOTB or Wombat

I can not get roof by extrusion to work
i tried the ootb node
and the one from wombat package

Can you expand the error reported by the nodes?


Does it help if you make your Polycurve closed? Try Adding a Boolean in…

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i tried that.
what do u mean by adding boolean?

I want to use it for Roof By Extrusion. Are those 2 nodes made for Roof By Extrusion?

Polycurve by Points… the Connect First to Last needs to be True I think? You’d be able to check in the 3D view…

Hi @Nico_Stegeman

At first i doubt Wombat is updated to 2.x. I created for you Python script that would work:


Here is the dyn ExtrusionRoof(ForNico).dyn (15.3 KB)

Edit: Added Extrusion Start and End:


Thanks Kulkul.

Unfortunately it is not working for me.
I selected 2 edges of a wall


I also restarted revit and dynamo

I use Dynamo Revit 2.03.8107

Got it

I had to select 3 edges to get it done .



I’m triying to make a roof by extrusion selecting a spline.
The dynamo made with python doesn’t work for me because you have to select an edge.
¿Any idea?

a spline and a reference line (in the same plane) should be enough

As i remember an extra line is needed when youre roof line is not on the X axis
When the spline is on the X axis plane it wil probably work

Hello Imanchado

this is working:
ExtrusionRoof(ForImanchado).dyn (22.9 KB)

Thanks a lot
Could you tell me wich package do I need to make it works?

Here is the dyf file for roof.ByExtrusion

Roof.ByExtrusion.dyf (14.4 KB)

Thank you again.
This worked for me.
If I want to change the value ¿Do I have to edit the node?, because I edited the node to extrude 20000

no need to change the node
just change the input (see code block) extrusion start en extrusion end