Morning all,
im feeding a list of curves (also tried with a Polycurve) to that node and i’m getting an error.

It works fine if i use the Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel.
I notice that they have different input (outline vs outlineCurves) so i’m assuming it’s related.

Thanks for any help

Doesn’t seem to be the problem

@Daniel_Hurtubise Worked when I tried a shape similar to yours

How do you get curves out of Element.Geometry? I get a solid as usual :slight_smile:
Ahhhh you selected a series of line. I’m working off a Floor element :slight_smile:
Now it make sense :slight_smile:
It’s getting the Floor Outline my issue

Fixed it, the issue was the Floor Type not the damn curves :slight_smile:


That brings another question.
What’s wrong with getting the Element Types


No clue what the technical difference is. :confused:
But there seems to be a difference in Id


I’m new to dynamo so I’m sorry if some questions might seem silly but I’m struggling on the same node and thanks to Daniel with your script which helped me to do mine. I want to duplicate all my ceilings types into curtain roof types in order to use the parametric system to schedule the panels and metal frames. Dynamo seems perfect because I’ve hundreds to deal with. But every time I run the script it crashes my revit session.
I tried few options but it kept crashing :

  • with only one polycurve
  • with roof type “standard”

Dynamo and the package I used are up to date

Any Suggestion ?

Capture dynamo - CeilingToCurtainPanels|690x406CeilingToCurtainPanels.dyn (16.9 KB)


Trying to find ’ Roof by outline’ but can’t seem to find. Which package is it in please? I can find ‘floor by outline type and level’ no problem and am using it for another definition.

I am using dynamo version 1.2

I got the same issue with using the RoofType node…ended up using the RoofType.ByName. also @kongGBK9K the Roof.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel is in the base Revit…try typing in the node name as I have it…also consider upgrading to current

hi !

my question is how can i use the curves those are created in dynamo (not selected from revit by select model element) as Outline input of Roof.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel node? it returned this error for me :

Try using a polycurve instead of a list of curves