Did someone succeed to make (Roof By Outline Elevation Type And Level) work?

Whats wrong here…I tried to find an example for this node but i couldn’t…!

Try with a plane instead of reference plane maybe…

I have already tried,didn’t work

What does the warning say?


The outline input is maybe not correct, it should probably be the footprint perimeter lines of the roof…

I have tried all the options…here is the dyn file you can try it
test roof node.dyn (14.2 KB)

Sorry, I can’t, but I am sure someone else will :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you tried this node before ? do you have an example you have done before?

Not yet, the illustration is still missing in the Dictionary, but the Roof.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel node works for me. Wombat has also a similar node called ExtrusionRoof.ByProfile. See this post optionally:

As suggested by @Yna_Db - you can download Wombat.

I think the OOTB dynamo node is faulty since it gives me this weird error - that the polycurve is not closed.
Indeed it shouldn’t be closed for an extrusion roof.

The node from Wombat works fine for me.

Thanks Guys, its just strange that a built in node doesn’t work! and there is no enough explanation for the inputs…I think it would be a good idea if there was explaining videos or samples for the built in nodes when you hover over them ,same like when you hover over a Revit button for a while.