Roof.ByOutlineTypeandLevel problem on Revit

Hi guys! :slight_smile:
I’m trying to learn how to use the Roof.ByOutlineTypeandLevel but there is a little problem on my way:
I created a simple geometry in Dynamo in order to place the roof on it:
in Dynamo the analysis finishes well, but the roof doesn’t appear in Revit.
Could anyone enlighten me about this fact?
Thanks a lot to everybody

This is the Revit situation

could you please share the graph picture as well?

Here it is:)

It works for me, it’s just very small… 10mm square?

It should be 10m x 10 m, but take in account that I was just trying to use the node, I wasn’t designing anything for real.
Anyway, does it show the roof on the Revit as well as in the Dynamo environment?
Thanks for the concern:)

Hey, no worries, yes even though I made it tiny, you can see on the right of my grab that it’s in Revit…

I presume that if you look at the output of your roof node you can see a roof?

You could use the numbers in green to select by ID in Revit? (Or use a node in Hot Gear package)



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In the output of the node the ID appers :smile: and now the roof appears either in Revit and in Dynamo.
There is only one strange thing yet: when I set a view by level (the one I use in the Dynamo script) I can select the roof, while if I set a 3D view I’m not able to select the roof (infact there are only shown the blue lines of Dynamo)…:thinking:
Anyway we are getting closer to the solution :hugs:

that’s the Revit situation in 3d View :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hmm… could you save the rvt for us? I can select it ok…

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I tried to send you the Revit file but the system tells me the file is too large (5.50 MB)…Amen
(Maybe I’m not permitted to send large files because i’m a new entry of Dynamo bim)
Anyway don’t worry for me and thank you so much for the patience and the comitment :relaxed:

Try running the graph in a new file.

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Just tried your hint but it’s always the same situation…I manage to see and select the roof when I’m in a level view, but not when I’m in 3D view…
Curious…very curious :rofl:

Post that file - I’m now curious too.

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Unfortunately I’m not able to post the Revit file :persevere:

Maybe today it’s not a good day to handle technology for me :rofl:

The a roof produced in a new Revit model is 500mb? Purge unused.

Ok, it looks like a good idea :sweat_smile:
I’ll let you know how it will ends :grinning:


The OP stated 5.5mb :slight_smile:

A quick purge should hopefully be enough, maybe a zip!

I tried to zip the file but the system told me the format isn’t supported.
I’ll purge the file: it seems to be the best way to proceed :slight_smile:
I’ll let you know :smiley:

DynamoBim_Fam.rvt (1.9 MB)

Purge done :sunglasses:
(I didn’t know it existed a command like that :woman_facepalming: well, i’m self taught :woman_shrugging: )

@Mark.Ackerley here it is the revit file :slight_smile:

I went into my 3D view and turned on Roofs :slight_smile:

Probably what you were seeing were the Dynamo Preview lines, not the actual roof…


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:star_struck: :hugs: :crazy_face: :partying_face:
Thanks Mark, you made my day :kissing_closed_eyes: