How to select a linked instance (model)

Hello, I have the spring nodes but am unable to download any more packages t(hat contain DLL files anyways).I am trying to copy all the light fixtures in so that I can drop them to the right elevation.which is fine. However I cant seem to find a way to actually be able to select or identify a linked model so that these nodes will work.However, since I have the elements selected is there another way to copy them into the model? thanks!

So I made some progress with two problems.

  1. the element is not actually coming into the model in the same spot as it appears in dynamo.
  2. the element is not coming in oriented the same way and I dont know how to fix it.
    From what ive read, what I have here should work but its not, please advise.

The lights are coming in waaaaaay over here and i cant figure out why.

Where is the linked instance of the lights? Is it a project basepoint issue?

The linked lighting model is in place. I am not sure if it is a project basepoint issue. How would I go about checking that? i mean I know what basepoint is but Ive never used it like this before. Thanks

Dynamo geometry is created and read relative to the 0,0,0 point of the file’s you are working in. So, if the 0,0,0 points aren’t aligned, I imagine you could see this type of issue if the project base point is used to align elements, though I haven’t tested/seen this before.

Did you consider using copy monitor for the light fixtures here? The file is already linked into your project and that would allow you to track when fixtures are moved/deleted/changed in the other model.

yes I did consider it. However the engineers didnt put them at the right elevation so I need to move them and manipulate them. How can I correct the basepoint issue? Thanks!

I’ll try and dig tomorrow. Had a lot going on last few days so I may not get to it though. Can you upload a sample dataset and dyn so I can get to it faster?

Hi mix,

Just select the linked model and then use the node like so:

As you discovered yourself, it’s important to use the link instance because:

  1. The linked model might not share the same origin
  2. Even if they share the same origin, the linked instance might have been moved or rotated inside the local document.
  3. You might even have multiple instances of the same linked file (like a typical unit repeated many times) and you need the transformation of each individual instance, to be able to position the elements correctly in the local document.

Great explaination dimitar!