Re-link all elements

Hello all,

First off I do not have anything started yet. I have been looking around but have not found much. I am not looking for someone to do the work for me I just want some help getting started and pointed in the correct direction and if it’s even possible.

At my office, we have an in-house Lighting studio. When the project started, they modeled all the lighting in our architectural model, not in a linked file. As we are pushing to 100% DD in the next week we now have 14 plus people working in one model (19 people one-day last week). I fear this will only get worse as we move into CDs. I would like to move them to their own Lighting model and get them out of ours.

Has anyone seen or tried to do something like this before? All of their lights are attached to our ceilings, walls, and reference plans, etc.

What I am thinking:

  • Create a duplicate model
  • Link architecture model (have actual geometry and linked geometry on top of each other.)
  • Rehost everything to its counterpart in the linked model
  • delete all nonlighting elements

I can grab the GUID of all host elements (element ID may change when file is duplicated) and match those to the GUID of the linked element (I think). I have never used Dynamo to rehost elements. Will it keep them in the same location?

I am making this sound simple but I know it is not. Am I missing something major, is all of this even possible?
Any and all recommendations are welcome.

Thank you,

Could you link in their file but just hide everything in their file bar the lighting fixtures?

They do not have a file. All of there lights and fixtures are in our file. I would like to move them to their own file just not sure how.

can you take a detached then link that back in?

That is what I am thinking. Once I detach it though I need to Re-host everything to the architectural model otherwise it will be out of date as we move forward. I need to grab all lighting devises, equipment and fixtures un-host them from their detached wall, floors, and ceilings and host them to the linked model. Then I can delete all of the unneeded detached elements.