Modelling cable on cable tray on linked model

Hi guys, I’am trying to Model cable on tray cable by dynamo but on linked model,the problem is : i can’t select the cable tray it takes all cable trays in link model, do you have please any solution for that ? how to select element in linked model. Thank you so much in advance






Thank you for your reply, currently i’am using this node but that allows to select by categories
I’am looking how to select elements from category.
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@El_padrino ,

you have to continue with that


I think that nodes allows to atach my linked model to my model, it’s not really what. i think it’s not possible to do it in dynamo!

Genius Loci has a node for selecting linked elements. Data-Shapes also has a node that gives a UI for selecting (and filtering) linked elements.

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Thank you for your reply @Nick_Boyts but when i install those packages i can’t find these nodes is it about version of dynamo ?

What versions are you using?

I’m looking at Genius Loci 2023.2.21 (Select Linked Element) and Data-Shapes 2022.2.105 (SelectLinkedElement(s)). Not sure if those are the latest versions but the nodes should be there.

Finally i found the node in another packages called Rhythm version 2022 thank you so much for help @Nick_Boyts