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I see there is a new SelectModelElementsData node, which is awesome. Is there any way to use this on linked elements?
I need to swap linked elements with our in-house families. Please see screen shot of graph.

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Timothy Livingston

You can’t edit a linked file without opening the linked file. You can copy/monitor the elements into your project but they’ll live in both places. Not sure if this can be done in Dynamo or the API.

Thanks Greg. I should clarify. I want to REPLACE the link instance with my own in-house instance. I’ve seen plenty of graphs where this is done but I wanted to use the UI for selecting the linked instances.

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You want to replace the entire linked RVT file, or a family within the linked RVT file? The former is doable, the later is not.

I would like to replace the family instance from the link while in the host project. Better, I want to swap a lighting fixture with one of my own. Thanks.

Very doable, Springnodes has a select linked model elements node. It’s just a matter of @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi incorporating it into his workflow. And I imagine he will if you ask nicely. :slight_smile:

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John, are you saying that not only can we select elements in the linked file, we can change them as well… without opening the linked file?

Lol, no. Select them yes. Change them, not so much. Although, you can change them by opening in background :thinking:


Thanks John. Maybe I’ll let him play with 2018 today and hit em up next week.:smiling_imp:

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So far its only the active view and only a Single receptacle but its a start.

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Also, if you like his work. Go vote for it here.

Really…that’s interesting.

Hi @tlivingston ,
I just updated the package :


I think it’s possible to modify it through background open, but you’d have to unload the link first.