Select an Object in a Linked model

I’m going through an Autodesk University tutorial and hit a snag. The presenter was showing how auto align the base of a column to a wall. He made the claim that the wall was architectural & his columns structural. I figured it would be two models then. So I made two models and linked the arch into the structural model.

In Dynamo, I wanted to select the wall from the arch file but I could only select the entire linked file. How can this be done?

[video width=“1916” height=“1048” mp4=“”][/video]

Get the Archilabs and steam node packages because they have the two nodes from the following picture

Thanks a lot, I downloaded the nodes and put them on the canvas but it is not clear how I am to run it. I’m on like day 3 for Dynamo so I’m uber New.

Which node knows what link I need? If I had Arch.rvt, Mep.rvt linked in?

How do I pick the instance of the wall in the linked file?

I just can’t see it yet.

So I figured some things out but still am confused. My question is posted in a video:



I am no way a expert either,but firstly it doesnt seem to be fetching the other piles in so check with say a watch node between the last two top nodes to make sure it is getting all 5 elements.

If not save the script and either switch it to manual and click run or close and reopen, as it seems to be not fetching the new elements.