How to select 2Dpolylines


I don´t have any problem filtering out Lines, Polylines and 3D polylines. But when it comes to 2DPolylines they seam to only be objects


Could it be that the lines in an AutoCAD block? we prepare our .dwgs before working with them

No they are 2DPolylines, I like Dynamo to do the work :slight_smile:


did you check the lineType? or just switch to continues?

as an idea
Before turning on the dynamo
Can you make it explode?
Then you connect it
Turns into a regular polylines

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You can Using with Polyline2d

I can make it work by preparing the files, but that is one thing I like to do with my dynamo-script.

As Smith put it: Never send a human to do a machine’s job!

It’s an old style polyline, not a lightweight. A LWPolyline shows ‘Polyline’ in the Properties, not ‘2D Polyline’.

You can convert the polyline with the CONVERT command, then it is accessible in Dynamo.

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Hi @clas.kristiansen
I did not understand what you mean
Because my language is not good

Anyway, can you attach an example drawing for us to try?

I think we will have to face the fact, it’s old it’s not supported as an named object in DynamoNodes. So the only way to fix it is in Lisp/C##… or with elbow graese.

Here’s a dynamo way to CONVERT using @mzjensen Camber send command node. My method assumes that all objects dynamo can’t make geometry for are 2D Polys that need to be converted in Civil 3D but your situation could me more complicated.

2d polylines.dyn (38.3 KB)
2d polylines.dwg (943.9 KB)