Convert a line to a 3D polyline

How do I convert a line to a 3D polyline?
I want to avoid using CAD Tools or LISP for this.
I tried this:

Hi @Raymarcher ,

When you are working with Dynamo, for Civil aswel as for any of the hosts, you have two workspaces, the Dynamo Workspace and the workspace of the Host. You can use Dynamo to bridge between these two workspaces but it is important to understand that these are different.

As a result, Dynamo also has different types of geometry than Civil3D, for example. For example, in Civil3D we talk about PolyLines, in Dynamo we work with PolyCurves.

In your example are you trying to directly alter a Civil3D object using a node designed to work with Dynamo geometry. You need the node Object.Geometry instead of the featureline node instead.

After that use the PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves node to join these curves (yeah they are curves now instead of lines) into 1 single PolyCurve, assuming they are 1 continous line made up out of individual lines. Now you can use the node Object.ByGeometry to create the PolyLine back into Civil3D.

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