How to Report/List Instances of Linked Revit Models within a RVT file using a file path input?

Does anyone know of a node like CAD.ReportInstances that can similarly report instances of Linked Revit Models within a RVT file via a file path input? I’m trying to generate a list of Linked Revit Models from a given RVT that includes some details just like the CAD.ReportInstances node does. Please see my graph below. It would be great if I could swap the CAD.ReportInstances node with one that did the same thing with linked revit models. Thanks!

ExportDWGLinksImportsListtoExcelWithoutOpeningRvt.dyn (20.5 KB)

Hi @daniel.tran,

It’s possible to do the same with Revit links.

Some properties are of course different.


Thank you for sharing. Your example worked for me. ‘ReportRevitLinks’ is a great node! Is it possible for the RevitLinkInstance field to export the Element ID# that appears in the watch tab? Right now it only populates “RevitLinkInstance” in the Excel cells.

See this post to add the ID :

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