CAD.ReportInstances (Bimorph) to report linked files (RVT as well as cad), also missing links

I haven’t used dynamo in a really long time and just started with it again.
I have to check a revit project package for all the revit and cad links to organize our workflow.
And this needs to be done for like 20 revit project files.

Luckily I though of Dynamo and I knew of Bimorph node for this.

however I am getting null results. Maybe because the links are missing?
I tried it with existing projects and even there it returns me null results.

I am sharing a screenshot maybe there is a stupid mistake I am doing and someone can help me point that out?

Thanks for your encouragement.

I found some thing:

Tried it. It works but I am encountering errors to export it to excel. just gives me a warning and a blank xml export.

Got it, Was missing the item field to the List.AddItenToFront node. Works flawlessly.

I got it this far:
But I got two issues:

  1. It doesnt work when i specify the file from the file Path node

  2. It doesnt export the element ID waht is reflected in the Watch list with a green highlight.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help.


I just checked and the optional input Filepath works for me.
Use the Filepath input in a blank Revit file and not inside your “17010_002_BF2.rvt” file.

To export the ID, you must add the Element.Id node to the graph.

I think the link you wanted add in post 2 was this :

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You are right.
Thanks for the tip. i was wondering why dynamo doesnt work without any Revit file open.
Works like a charm with a blank revit file.

thanks again.
My next step is to scale it a bit bigger, I mean instead of choosing a file each time, make it perform a batch operation, Like I specify a folder and I picks all the revit files in the folder and makes a excel sheet.

This is useful to investigate broken links in Projects.
Will post when i am a step in that direction.

Thanks again for your help.

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