Drawings in Revit (Linked and inserted CAD files)

Is it possible to output the ID’s of all linked and inserted CAD files separately into excel?

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Here is one way to get the IDs:

But how can I separate the linked files from the inserted files?

After a quick internet search I found this:

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Checked it out, but unfortunately it does not work.

Although there are 3 linked and 3 inserted CAD files, the final output is only the first of the six, while it should return three.

Try setting the lacing of “ContainsItem” to longest.

Did. Now the filtering does not work. :confused:

Got it working. There was a typo in Shared Site. :grinning:

Is there a way to show the respective Plan with CAD? For example, if I have 3 levels, each level has different number of linked CAD file, I would like to create a table list of it and possibly export the tabulated data to Excel sheet.