Defining new families in Revit


I am reading some coordinates from a .csv file in dynamo and I am drawing the corresponding points in my model in Revit. However, these points are not part of the model and as soon as I close dynamo, they will be gone. I want to add these points to my model.
I tried defining a new family for these points and export them to Revit as families. I tries using the attached node in dynamo. However, it has a limited list of families and I think they are relevant to what I want. Is there any way that I can define a new family for the points? I mean is there a way to draw the points as families in Revit?


Yes you can, by create adaptive family has single reference point Hostel by single adaptive point. Insert this family at each location of point. Make sure that reference point is visible

Thank you very much for your response.
I am quite new to dynamo. Can you please explain a little more how I can do that?

point.rfa (360 KB)
use this family