Dynamo 2.0.1 - Selected family and type empty

Hey there,

I have got the problem that my selected Revit family and type are “empty” when I want to place them. It is a 2 point adaptive family and the list that is used is also built up for it. Any recommendations why it doesn’t work? It is marking it green but when I go into Revit it is not placed at all. Not sure why.

Thanks for your help!

Somehow it just works without changing anything. I just reopened Dynamo.
The problem now is that the 2D profiles I just placed I want to convert into a form. So I want to create solids and turn them into a family with parameters. And here I stuck again. The node “Element.Geometry” doesn’t recognize my profiles that where just placed for combining them into a curve. Any ideas?

Are you working in the Project or a Family

I’m working in the project.

Form creation is only allowed in the Family environment
I know there is “In Place”, but Dynamo can not handle it

The script itself was working already in Dynamo 1.3.2. So actually it is possible to generate forms in Revit projects. Now, I am trying to compile it in 2.0.1 and it doesn’t work anymore. It has a lot to do with lacing but even then there are a couple of nodes that are just behaving differently than under the older versions.

We’d need your entire graph to help you troubleshoot this. Post the .dyn and hopefully someone will have the time to check it out.

Somehow it just worked with the nodes after a restart. Not quite sure why. But thanks for your answers.