How to make a Schedule for Precast Facade Panel Length and Width made in generic model?

Title is clear.

There is about 300+ panels made with generic model.

Now i have to prepare a schedule for them which includes data of length, width.

I think dynamo is perfect solution but how ?


So can you show us what you’re doing for this?

use a shared parameter or two in the family


I just wanted to give you ideas.

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Dimension_CurtaionWall.dyn (93.9 KB)

Thx Mr. Durmus but i get error while try to open your file in dynamo.

Hi @barisbagis

Obviously I have a few ideas about why this file wasn’t opened, but I’m not sure.
-Revit and Dynamo version differences (High probability)

I’m sorry for my inexperience. I think someone more experienced in this can help us. @jacob.small

File looks like it’s written for Dynamo 2.x. Version in the error report is 1.x. File format is not backwards compatible, so you get this warning.

That said, I don’t see the need for Dynamo here. As long as there is a L and W parameter in the family you should be able to do this in native Revit in less time than it took you to make the first post. If there isn’t a parameter, likely one should be made, which Dynamo may be able to help with, but that wasn’t the question and we don’t have a Revit model so we are kinda in the dark.

@barisbagis update to Dynamo 2.0.2 and then try opening the file provided. If that doesn’t work, please upload a sample rvt file showing about five panels so we can understand what it is you are after.