Create a schedule from personal Revit Parameters

Hi All,
It is my first time with Dynamo, don’t judge me :slight_smile:

I’ve created for each elements (types of wall) of my Revit project a codes inside of a new Parameter.

Is it possible to extract all informations about this code?
(I don’t want to extract directly from Revit to Excel, because the project will change and I need to have a dynamic report, thet’s way I’m trying to use Dynamo)


Just a heads up…

I don’t believe Dynamo will be more Automatic than Revit…

if your model changes you will need to manually open your Dynamo Graph and run it. You could export your Revit schedule as a .txt and link it to excel and it would be similarly quick.

That said, Dynamo gives you an unlimited amount of flexibility in creating your Excel…

The Bumblebee package will let you automatically format it and give precise control over the output:

If you just want a basic graph which extracts parameters, to excel, there is an example here:

Hope that helps,