How to get spot elevation by point and insert it in a dimension tag?

Hi dears ,
I`m new in dynamo and scripting and try to create a script that can read many parameters such as diameter - slop -flow and specially “spot elevation " in one dimension tag .
when i use " SpotElevation.ByPoint” from clockwork it gives null and not working in all view types .
so , how can i create a one tag that can read all parameters i want specially " EL " OR how to create a parameter that can read points among an element then i can insert this parameter in any label i want ?

This is for example

Hi, @shaimaafathy79
You can to concatenate parameters in a one with the below mentioned script and use Element.SetParameterByName node to apply value to any parameters you like.

lsts = IN[0]

# Place your code below this line
param = []
for lst in lsts:
	asstr = [str(item) for item in lst]
	sublst = "/".join(asstr)

# Assign your output to the OUT variable.
OUT = param

Instead of “Bottom Elevation”, “System Name” could be other parameters.

Thanks for your support ,
i don`t have a parameter for spot elevation that can read any point elevation automatically and this is the main issue i face .
mainly i need this tag for drainage system ( pipes with slop ) , i have only parameters for the start and the end offset for the whole element

so how can i get any point offset between to these offsets in a separate parameter using dynamo or even Revit parameters settings


waiting your appreciation support

I think you can calculate offset in the selected point by using start and end point offsets, slope and length of this pipe with a Right traingle formula.

yes , it`s alright ,

i can put any points i need on the element as shown below & by calculating end and start with the same number of points i can get each point elevation ,

the last question , how to put all these points values in one parameter , that any parameter can read elements not points .

That’s strange, but SpotElevation.ByPoint doesn’t work with pipes at me.
Check this discussion.