Automate Spot Dimension in Elevation and Section

Hi everyone! I’m a beginner in Dynamo,I would Like to Automate the placing of spot dimension in Section/Elevation view.

Conceptually it’s something easy, to start I split the problem in two main problem

  1. Create a series of Point on which I would like to put my spot dimension (Is a List)
  2. Then I want that my list is given by top and bottom of my floor. To do this maybe is more comfortable create a line and get the interesection between Line and Slab. Then I can say that to all the odds point number put the down version of the spot dimension and to the all even point put the top version of the spot dimension.

The Idea was to Use a normal line to get the point intersection I need.
So I track a line (a plane? or reference Line?) and I get the interesection between the floor top and bottom edge. At this point I can place the spot family along that point.

Is this easly achivable? I’m trying and struggling with get this point and then I’ll think how to place the spot dimension. Is there something similiare you already did? Can you give me some suggestion?

Thanks in advance!